International Conference on Problem-Based Learning ICPBL on April 22-23, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Problem-Based Learning (ICPBL) April 22, 2023 - London, United Kingdom
Problem-based learning
Principles of problem and project based learning
Traditional versus problem-based learning
Instructor’s and students’ role in problem-based learning
Problem-based learning in engineering, medical and science education
Problem-based learning in social science education
Learning outcomes of problem-based learning
Problem based learning in higher education
Implementation of problem-based learning
The pedagogy of problem-based learning
Problem-based learning and everyday practice
Problem-based learning management and policy-making
Problem-based learning and workplace cultures
Critical problem-based learning
Problem-based learning, ICT and technology-enhanced learning
Problem-based learning and networked learning
Problem-based learning internships and cooperative education
Problem-based learning and intercultural studies
Interdisciplinarity and problem-based learning

Name: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Address: UAE

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program.