International Conference on Postmodernism, Socialism and Feminism ICPSF on June 22-23, 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel

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International Conference on Postmodernism, Socialism and Feminism (ICPSF) June 22, 2023 - Tel Aviv, Israel
Aspects of Feminism, Gender and the Working Class
Beyond Sexless Class and Classless Sex
Building a Multiracial, Working-class Women's Organization
Class Action, Gender and Class
Constructive Feminism
Critical Gender Studies
Critical Race Feminist Perspective on Prostitution and Sex Trafficking
Diversity, Difference and Feminism
Domestic Work, Class, Race, Heteropatriarchy, and the Limits of Legal Reform
Dual Systems Feminism
Eclipsing Exploitation: Transnational Feminism, Sex Work, and Ethical Resistance
Equality, Work and the Women's Liberation Movement
Family - Friendly Feminism
Feminism - Class and Identity in Education
Feminism after Neoliberalism
Feminism against Capitalism
Feminism and Anarchism
Feminism and Class Polarization
Feminism and Education
Feminism and Neoliberalism
Feminism and Political Philosophy
Feminism and Sex Work
Feminism and Technology
Feminism and the Class Struggle
Feminism and the Contradictions of Oppression
Feminism and the Labor Movement
Feminism and the Left
Feminism and the Middle Classes
Feminism and War
Feminism and Women's Work
Feminism and Working-class Women
Feminism as Capital: Gender, Class and Mobility for Women in Paid Care Work
Feminism, Aging, and the Life Course Perspective
Feminism, Capitalism and the Cunning of History
Feminism, Class and Anarchism
Feminism, Comedy, and Humor
Feminism, the Market, and Policy Shape Family Life
Feminism, Therapy, and Narrative Ideas
Feminism: Class, Gender and Identity
Feminism's Class Divide
Feminism's Identity Crisis
Feminist Manifesto for the Study of Capitalism
Feminist Marxism
Feminist Pedagogy
Feminist Perspectives
Feminist Perspectives of Development Critiques and Alternatives
Feminist Social Work Theory and Practice
Feminist Sociological Theory
Feminist Studies
Feminist Theories - Criminology
Feminist Theory and the Contemporary Women's Movement
Feminists for Life
Four Waves of Feminism
Gender and Women's Studies
Gender, Capitalism and Globalization
Gender, Feminism, Art and Technology
Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies
Gender, Women, and Feminist Studies
Girl Power: Feminism, Girlculture and the Popular
History, Feminism and Gender Studies
Inequality in the Pursuit of Feminism
International Working Women's Day
Internationalizing Feminism
Intersectional Feminism, Class, and Austerity
Intersectionality and Feminism
Irreconcilable Differences: Critical Feminism, Learning at Work
Labouring Feminism and Feminist Working - Class History
Marriage and the Family
Marxism, Gender and the Family
Marxism and Feminism Today, International Socialism
Marxism, Feminism and Women's Liberation
Marxist / Materialist Feminism
Marxist Feminism - Feminist Issues in Prostitution
Materialist Feminism
Materialist Feminist Pedagogy
Maternal Health and Wellbeing
Neoliberal Feminism
Offshoots of Liberalism - Feminism
Philosophy and Feminism
Philosophical Aspects of Feminism
Postcolonial Feminism
Postfeminist Cliques, Class, Postfeminism
Postmodernism and Feminism
Postmodernism, Feminism, and Marx
Problems of Marxist Feminism
Radical Feminism and Transgenderism
Re/placing Islamic Feminism
Reshaping the Work-family Debate
Separate Roads to Feminism
Sex Work and Feminism
Sex Work, Leftwing Feminism, and Decriminalisation
Sex, Work, and the Feminist Erasure of Class
Sisterhood and Feminism
Social Workers' Feminist Perspectives
Socialist Feminism
Socialist Feminist Perspective on Gender and Environment
The Feminist Challenge to Socialist History
The Growth of Working Class Feminism
The Legacy and Lessons of Working Class Feminism
The Poetics and Politics of Gender
The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics and Postwork Imaginaries
The Promise of Socialist Feminism
The Roots of Feminism
The Significance of Intersectionality for Feminist Political Theory
The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism, Socialism and Feminism
The Variety of Feminisms and Their Contribution to Gender Equality
The Women's Movement
Theoretical Perspectives on Gender and Development
Theories of Feminism
Theory of Feminist Coalition
Transnational Feminism and Activism
Transnational Feminism and the Struggle for Global Justice
Understanding Feminist Theory
Voices of Feminism Oral History Project
Women and the Progressive Movement
Women and the Struggle for Socialism
Women of Color and Feminism
Women, Money and Class
Women, Work and the Future of Feminism
Women's and Gender Studies
Women's History, Feminist History
Women's Work: Weaving Feminism and Math
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Workers, Women, and Revolution: A Marxist - Feminist Perspective
Working Class Feminism
Working Class Power and Feminism
Working Women: The Women's Trade Union League
Working - Class Women, Feminism, and Religious Support

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Address: UAE

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