International Conference on Polymer Materials Science, Engineering and Technology ICPMSET on August 05-06, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Polymer Materials Science, Engineering and Technology (ICPMSET) August 05, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Advanced packaging, defense-related composites, fuel cell membranes
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) studies of polymer surfaces
Behavior of materials under conditions of extreme temperature and pressure
Blood-contacting polymers in biomedical devices
Broadband dielectric spectroscopy; polymer dynamics
Coal structure, solubility and swelling
Crystalline polymers, from renewable resources
Dielectric polymers
Electrochemical reactors
Electrochemistry and electrochemical technology
Environmentally-friendly polymeric surfactants
Fuel cells
Functional polymeric materials
Functional polymers
Fusion of materials and computational sciences
High performance polymers
Human pathology associated with a number of diseases
Hydrogen bonded polymer blends and solutions
Hydrogen bonding and the phase behavior of polymer blends and solutions
Improvement of polymer-based processes
Ion-containing polymers: electrolytes, ionomers
Latexes and suspensions
Li ion battery electrolytes
Materials chemistry
Materials theory, modeling and computer simulation
Membrane processes
Membrane separations
Metal-containing polymers
Micro- and nano-phase separation
Molecular electronics
Molecular modeling for technologies related to lubrication, advanced polymer electrolytes, and fuel cells
Molecular recognition
Nanoscale structure and morphology
Organic thin films
Phase Behavior of Polymer Blends
Polymer blends/alloys
Polymer nanocomposites for structural, barrier, packaging, fire resistance, and biomedical applications
Polymer/Inorganic nanocomposite materials
Polymers at surfaces, interfaces, and confinements; structure and dynamics of nano-confined polymers
Polymers in energy applications
Polymers of intrinsic microporosity
Polyurethanes and polyureas
Processing Fossil Fuels using Ionic Liquids
Segmented polyurethane and polyurea block copolymers
Semiconducting polymers
Smart polymers for microfluidics, smart-surfaces, biomedical, biological, and for biodetection and toxic removal
Smart/Responsive polymers and soft-condensed matter systems
Supramolecular chemistry
Surface properties of polymers
Targeting and releasing drugs
The application of ionic liquids to the processing of fossil fuels
Transport in materials
Vibrational Spectroscopy of Polymers
Water treatment membranes

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