International Conference on Politics in Education ICPE on November 03-04, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Politics in Education (ICPE) November 03, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Politics and Education
Politics-Education Interaction
Strategies for Using Education to Achieve Political Ends
Educational Policy as Compensatory Legitimation
The Erosion of Legitimacy and the State's Response
Strategies of Compensatory Legitimation in Educational Policy
The State and the University
University Autonomy and Academic Freedom
Regional Imbalances and the University Quota System
The Political Pressure for Relevance
Educational Opportunity under Pre- and Post-revolutionary Conditions
Pre-revolutionary Politics and Education
Bilingual Education and the Law
Patterns of Majority-minority Group Relations
Educational Policy and National Minorities
Education and the Maintenance of the Social-class System
Characteristics of Colonial Education Systems
The Development of Secondary Schooling
Secondary Schooling after Independence
Multiple Group Influences on Educational Decisions
Political Roots and Effects of Two Educational Decisions
Analysis of the Structural-change Decision
Significant Political Forces
Political Ideology and Educational Practice
Educator's Social Power
Realignments of Education
Egalitarianism and Economic Needs
Educational Decisions within a Mosaic of Interest Groups
Colonialism, Ethnicity, and Religion an Economic Asset
Education and Political Policy
Harmonization of the Educational Structure
Educational Reform
Primary-School Teacher Shortage
Educational Politicization

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Address: UAE

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