International Conference on Political Technology and Social Media ICPTSM on November 18-19, 2021 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Political Technology and Social Media (ICPTSM) November 18, 2021 - London, United Kingdom
Affluence and influence: economic inequality and political power
Applied political technologies
Appraisal of technologies for political control
Authority and political technologies
Authority, (bio)politics, politics of religion/political theology, media, power-knowledge, association, new forms of society(ism), community, the commons, participation, political imaginaries, security, borders, techne, political economy and urban questions
Compulsory voting, turnout, and government spending
Conflict and the formation of political beliefs
Critical social science
Democracy and technology
Democratic political technology revolution
Democratic politics of technology
Designing internet freedom: digital technocrats, political technologies, and policy frameworks
Development, inequality and social policy
Digital technology and the market for political surveillance
E-politics and organizational implications of the internet
Election fraud and post-election conflict
Income distribution
Information technologies and the global political economy
Invalid ballots and electoral competition
Media and democratization
Media technologies as instrument for political participation and democratization in developing countries
Neoliberalism as political technology
New political technologies in the network society
Political campaign technology
Political campaigning: usage of media technologies within changing environments
Political campaigns
Political communication in the era of new technologies
Political communications and image technologies
Political economy
Political inequality: measures, causes, effects and remedies
Political institutions and street protests
Political parties in the digital age
Political technologies and multiculturalism
Political technologies of embodiment
Political technology to power democracy
Political violence and humanitarian technology
Politics, government-controlled media, and women’s fertility preferences
Politics, sociology, psychology, public relations, marketing, advertising
Post-structuralist philosophies
Post-structuralist theory
Problematics of military power: government, discipline and the subject of violence
Punishment and the political technologies of the body
Real and virtual power: political technologies in parties’ development
Regime type and healthcare systems
State formation and property—reflections on the political technologies of space
Technology as political weaponry
Technology's influence on political campaigns
The global visa regime and the political technologies of the international self, borders, bodies, biopolitics
The impact of cultural and economic technologies on politics
The influence of communication technologies on political participation and social interaction
The making of informal states: statebuilding
The political economy of development
The political technology of individuals
The politics of communications technology
The shifting aesthetics of political technologies
The size of local legislatures and women ín political representation
Totalitarian rule and burgeoning welfare states
Transformative policy for poor women
Urban majority, and inventive political technologies
Using technology to strengthen democracy
Virtual politics and corruption
Voting technology, political responsiveness, and infant health

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