International Conference on Physical Education, Sport Science and Psychology ICPESSP on November 04-05, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Physical Education, Sport Science and Psychology (ICPESSP) November 04, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Abdominal conditions
Applied sports nutrition
Biomedical science
Chest conditions
Competitive sports and pain management
Dance science and education
Environmental physiology
Epidemiology of exercise and health
Exercise is medicine
Extremity conditions
Fitness and nutrition and health
Individual sports
Issues of the modern olympic movement
Management of sports injury
Marketing and sport media
Motor function and human development
Nutrition and ergogenic aids
Performance aspects
Physical activity
Physical education and rehabilitation and adapted sports
Physical education and sports for all
Professional formation for physical education and sport
Sideline and event management
Special populations
Spine conditions
Sport and society
Sport management
Sport medicine
Sport methodology and comparative study in sport and physical education
Sport physiology
Sport psychology
Sports-specific illness and injury
Strength and conditioning
Team sports
Theory and methods of physical education
Head and neurologic conditions

Educational sciences
Adolescent growth and development
Adult and continuing education
Assessment and evaluation
Community development
Distance learning
Education and technology
Educational psychology
Effective teaching practices
Guidance and counseling psychology
Higher education
Industrial organization and organization theory
Institutional effectiveness
Leadership and collaborative policy
Learning theories
Linguistics, language and psychology/behavioral science
Mental health
Psychology and education
Qualitative/quantative research
Quality assurance/
Second language teaching
Social and behavioral sciences
Special education
Teacher education

Sport psychology
Sport performance
Goal setting
Performance goals
Outcome goals
Process goals
Practice in sport psychology
Physical and psychological functioning
Psychobiological antecedents and consequences of physical activity
Psychomotor performance
Teamwork and motivation
Preperformance routines
Psychometrics and psychological assessment
Executive coaching
Managing a crisis
Time management
Event planning
Diversity and leadership
Stress management
Parenting in youth sport
Rewarding and reinforcing behavior
Giving feedback
Professional athlete-coach relationship
Collective efficacy
Motor imagery
Team building

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