International Conference on Pairing-Based Cryptography ICPBC on May 13-14, 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Pairing-Based Cryptography (ICPBC) May 13, 2021 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Novel cryptographic protocols
ID-based and certificateless cryptosystems
Broadcast encryption, signcryption, etc
Short / multi / aggregate / group / ring / threshold / blind signatures
Designed confirmer or undeniable signatures
Identification / authentication schemes
Key agreement
Attribute-based encryption/Predicate encryption/Functional encryption
Searchable encryption/ (fully) homomorphic encryption/batch encryption
Predicate encryption

Mathematical foundations
Efficient pairing variants
Security consideration of pairings
Generation of pairing-friendly curves
Elliptic and hyperelliptic curves
Other pairings and applications of pairings in mathematics
Number-theoretic algorithms
Addition algorithms in divisor groups

HW implementation
Secure operating systems
Efficient software implementation
FPGA or ASIC implementation
Smart-card implementation
RFID security
Middleware security
Side-channel and fault attacks

Applied security
Novel security applications
Secure ubiquitous computing
Security management
PKI models
Application to network security
Grid computing
Internet and web security
E-business or E-commerce security
Cloud computing
Mobile and wireless network security
Application to sensor network security
Peer-to-peer security
Big-data security

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