International Conference on Organizational Change Management for Sustainability ICOCMS on October 25-26, 2024 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Organizational Change Management for Sustainability (ICOCMS) October 25, 2024 - Barcelona, Spain
Business and Management
Business process reengineering, information systems consulting/outsourcing
Career Development
Change Management
Change Management for Sustainability
Data Mining
E-business/m-commerce, internet/organisational change, best practices, standards
Economic Studies
Enterprise Capability and Leadership
Enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise application integration (EAI)
Global dimension, methodologies/strategies/innovation
Human resource/information technology/supply chain management
Information system project management, software version control/management
Information systems and organisational change management
Information systems integration process and management
Instructional Design
Integrated Disciplines and Partnerships
Knowledge management
Knowledge management, business intelligence/process management
Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations
Leadership, education/training and individual development
Management education
Measurement, Evaluation, and ROI
Measuring change management, cost analysis and economics
Organization Development
Organizational Change Management for Sustainability
Organizational cultures
Productivity Measurement and Analysis
Professional Practices
Quality Management and Business Excellence Consultation
Security, quality, social, cultural, legal, ethical issues
Software version control and management
Sustainability and Organizational Change
Sustainability Change Management
Tools for, and managing risk in, change management
Tools of the Trade
TQM, six sigma for performance improvement
Trends and Innovation
Workplace Issues

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Address: UAE

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