International Conference on Organic Electronics and Microdevices ICOEM on November 08-09, 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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International Conference on Organic Electronics and Microdevices (ICOEM) November 08, 2023 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Organic electronics
Advances in organic electronics
Challenges in organic materials
Organic semiconductor polymers
Organic shape memory materials
Organic dielectric materials
Characterization techniques
Organic magnetic materials
Piezoelectric materials
Organic Spintronics
Organic optic materials
Organic biomaterials
Electrical, optical and magnetic properties of organic film
Ferroelectric Materials
Organic biosensors
Semiconductor metal complexes
Antibacterial Properties
Organic metal complexes
Electrical measurement techniques
Organic compounds
Optical measurement techniques
Perspectives of organic electronics
Organic electronics for energy applications
Magnetic measurement techniques
Conducting materials
Electric and magnetic of organic materials
Organic Schottky diodes
Organic Thin film transistors
Organic Solar Cells
Nano-processing and characterization technologies
Fabrication of organic thin films
Photovoltaic devices
Organic light emitting diodes
Organic memory devices
Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis
Supramolecular Materials
Shape memory
Organic for flexible electronics
Hybrid organic nano-composite materials
Organic laser dye
Organic Astrochemisty
Photo catalyst
Non-linear optics of organic materials
Modeling and theoretical calculations of the materials
Electrical and optical properties of organic film
Conductive polymers
Applications of organic in nano-devices
Nano-materials for organic technology
Organic battery
Organic light emitting diodes
Organic-inorganic composites and hybrid systems
Organic for green chemistry technology
Photo-catalysis and Photo-degradation
Molecular techniques
Antimicrobial resistance

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Address: UAE

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