International Conference on Optics, Photonics, and Lasers on April 24-25, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Inov SciTech Group is delighted to host the “2nd International Conference on Optics, Photonics and Lasers” (ICMOPL- 2024) which will be taking place during April 24-25, 2024 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This conference holds a special promise to discuss future discoveries. The colossal and enthusiastic presence of young and brilliant researchers, scientists, academicians, opticians, laser experts, healthcare professionals, business delegates, and exceptional student communities adds to the excitement of the two-day congress which provides insight into the latest research and cutting-edge innovations.

The field of Lasers, Optics, and Photonics have not only helped the development of different fields in science and technology but also contributed towards the improvement of the quality of human life to a great extent. All this has become possible with the different discoveries and inventions leading to the development of various applications. The agenda of the conference highlights new and advanced science and current topics with interesting Sessions such as Symposia, Workshops, Plenary talks, Keynote Presentations, Young Researchers Forums, and Poster Sessions.

Conference Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities:

The Conference offers the opportunity to become a conference sponsor or exhibitor. To participate as a sponsor or exhibitor, please download and complete the Conference Sponsorship Request Form.

Conference presentation awards for Participants/ Students:


Applicants must be registered, Conference Presentation Awards are available only to students who will be presenting a paper, poster, or creative work at a conference they attend.

We look forward to seeing you at ICMOPL-2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Adaptive Optics

High-speed Opto-electronic Networking

Optical Imaging Systems and Machine Vision

Quantum Optics

Quantum Information

Microscopy and Adaptive Optics

Photonic Sensors

Photonic Crystals


Photonic Computing

Applications of Photonic Technologies

Laser Metrology

Laser Propulsion

Laser Applications

Optical and Fiber Optical Sensors and Instrumentation

Optoelectronic Devices

Materials, Devices and Systems

Optical Computing

Nonlinear Optics

Bio and Medical Optics

Engineering Applications of Spectroscopy


Silicon Photonics

Photonic Materials and Metamaterials

Organic Photonic Materials and Devices

Laser Science

Chemical Gas Lasers

Lasers and LEDs

Lasers in Medicine and Biology

Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS)

Organic Optoelectronics

Optical Information Processing

Guided Wave Optics

Nano and Micro Optics

Optical Materials, Characterization Methods and Techniques

Optical Microscopy of Composites

Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC)

Bio photonics

Quantum Photonics

2D Photonic Materials and Devices

Laser and laser optics

Fiber Lasers

Laser Nanotechnology

Ultrafast Laser-Matter Interaction

Physical Optics

Optical Communications, Switching and Networks

Holography | Optical Metrology

Optics in Condensed and Soft Matter

Matter Waves

Optical Methods for Process Control

Printed Optical Waveguides

Photonic Integration and Packaging

Microwave Photonics

Terahertz Photonics

Photonic Instrumentation Engineering

Semiconductor Lasers

Nonlinear Lasers

Laser Spectroscopy and Microscopy

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Registration Fee USD 699.00 Before October 30, 2023
Registration Fee USD 699.00 After October 30, 2023