International Conference on Ontogenetic Robotics ICOR on August 26-27, 2022 in Paris, France

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International Conference on Ontogenetic Robotics (ICOR) August 26, 2022 - Paris, France
Developmental robotics
Epigenetic robotics
Ontogenetic robotics
Basic principles of developmental robotics
Research directions
Skill domains
Mechanisms and constraints
Developmental robotics architecture
Theory and experiments
Evolutionary developmental robotics
From bio-mimetic development to functional inspiration
History and early theorizations
Aspects and areas of interest
Design principles
Integration of action and language knowledge
The verification principle
The principle of embodiment
The principle of subjectivity
Sensorimotor limitations
Experiential limitations
Process of self-organization
Socially oriented interaction
Non-social interaction
Agent-centered sensorimotor control
Mechanisms and principles
Cognitive developmental robotics
Staged competence learning in developmental robotics
New paradigms and perspectives
Engineering applications
Future directions
Technological perspectives
Future prospects and trends

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Address: UAE

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