International Conference on Oil and Gas Research ICOGR on May 24-25, 2023 in Montreal, Canada

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International Conference on Oil and Gas Research (ICOGR) May 24, 2023 - Montreal, Canada

Geology of the world oil and gas basins
Geodynamics and structural geology of sedimentary basins
Sedimentology, Methods and technology studies rocks
Simulation of the formation of hydrocarbon systems, basin analysis, geochemistry of oil and gas
Unconventional hydrocarbon deposits: heavy oil, tight gas, coal bed methane, gas hydrates
Offshore projects: the Far East, the Black Sea and the Arctic region
Foreign oil and gas projects


Designing surveillance systems, data collection and quality control of seismic data
Application of seismic data processing issues
Seismic studies
The theory of elastic wave propagation and seismic modeling
Multiwave seismic and borehole - and experience with problems
Interpretation of the seismic data
Alternative seismic survey
Dynamic analysis of seismic data
Non-seismic and remote sensing searches: gravimetric, magnetic, electrical prospecting, geochemistry and others
Geophysical exploration wells: the technology and capacity

A detailed study of the structure of deposits

The elastic properties of rocks (Rock Physics)
Quantitative evaluation of the reservoir: inversion and other quantitative seismic interpretation technology
Geostatistical modeling of reservoir
Evaluation of uncertainty. risk Analysis
Geomechanics from borehole studies to modeling hydraulic fracturing

Petrophysical interpretation study

Geological and technological studies of wells
Methods of investigation and determination of the core properties of reservoir fluids
The equipment and the interpretation of GIS techniques
Digital rock physics
Physical properties and interpretation of the reservoir clay
Physical properties and interpretation of the carbonate reservoirs
Physical properties and interpretation of volcanic reservoirs
Physical properties and interpretation of unconventional reservoirs
Permeability Estimation
Integrated GIS interpretation of the core, the test
Petrophysics for calculation of reserves and the development of design

Exploration and development

Geological and technological studies in the construction of wells
Hydrodynamic study of exploration and production wells
Geological and hydrodynamic modeling, calculation of hydrocarbon reserves, justification
Methods and techniques of mapping violations and zones of fracturing.
EOR and optimization of development
Geophysical control and monitoring of production at oil and gas fields
Engineering and geological support optimal well wiring (geostiring)

Common topics

Geological and economic analysis of exploration for oil and gas
Mathematical methods of processing geological information
Computational tools and their role in the modern geological and geophysical processes
Education and skills development oil and gas industry

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