International Conference on Ocean and Harbour Engineering ICOHE on August 16-17, 2024 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Ocean and Harbour Engineering (ICOHE) August 16, 2024 - Barcelona, Spain
Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering
Offshore Technology
Structures, Safety and Reliability
Materials Technology
Pipeline and Riser Technology
Ocean Space Utilization
Ocean Engineering
Polar and Arctic Science and Technology
Ocean Renewable Energy
Offshore Geotechnics
Petroleum Technology

Ocean and Harbour Engineering
Port and Harbour Engineering
Planning, design, construction, management
Structures, dredging and siltation
Case studies in Ocean and Harbour Engineering

Ocean Engineering
Offshore structures
Statics and dynamics of offshore structures and vehicles
Marine Instrumentation
Fluid-structure-soil interactions
Marine geotechnical engineering

Coastal Dynamics
Coastal hydrodynamics
Sediment transport
Shoreline changes
Coastal structures
RS and GIS applications
Extreme events
Beach and nearshore dynamics
Coastal defence works
Coastal hydrology
Soft computing techniques

Marine Environment and Resources
Pollution and the environment
Mineral deposits
Submarine ground water discharges
Marine renewable energy

Disaster, Risk, Development and Management
Coastal flooding
Vulnerability indices
Information systems
Emerging trends
Legal, policies, advisories
Sea level rise
Risk assessment
Coastal zone management
Data management

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Address: UAE

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