International Conference on Nuclear Geophysics and Research ICNGR on November 04-05, 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Nuclear Geophysics and Research (ICNGR) November 04, 2021 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nuclear Geophysics
Radiometry and Geophysics
Nuclear Methods, Techniques and Technologies
Measurement Methods
Interpretation of Nuclear Methods
Deviations in Radiometry
Accelerator Mass Spectrometer
Uranium, Helium and Lead in Zirconium
Radioactive Decay to Lead
Radioactive Decay at Plasma Temperatures
Uranium and Polonium Radiohalos
Helium from Inside the Earth
The Earth’s Magnetic Field
Salt Mountains and Salt Content of Oceans
Nickel in Seawater
Petroleum, Coal and Petrified Wood
Methods Based on the Absorption of Gamma-Ray Beams by Matter
The Gamma-Ray Back-Scattering Method
Neutron Back-Scattering Method
Penetration Logging Methods and Equipment
Theoretical Basis of Penetration Logging Tests
Experimental Studies and Interpretation of Penetration Logging Data
Application of Penetration Logging Techniques for Geoengineering Exploration
Stable Isotopes in Study of the Global Hydrological Cycle
Cosmogenic Radioisotopes for Study of the Genesis and Dynamics of Water
Radiogenic Isotopes in Dating of Natural Waters and Sediments
Radioactive Contamination of Natural Waters
Induced-Activity Method for Analysis of Rocks and Groundwaters

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