International Conference on New Technologies in Aquaculture ICNTA on December 02-03, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on New Technologies in Aquaculture (ICNTA) December 02, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Genetic improvement and reproduction
Genome-based technologies for aquaculture research and genetic improvement of aquaculture species
Genetic improvement of finfish
Genetic variation and selective breeding in hatchery-propagated molluscan shellfish
Controlling fish reproduction in aquaculture
Producing sterile and single-sex populations of fish for aquaculture
Chromosome set manipulation in shellfish

Advances in disease diagnosis, vaccine development and other emerging methods to control pathogens in aquaculture
Controlling parasitic diseases in aquaculture
New developments in controlling viral diseases in aquaculture
Diet and husbandry techniques to improving disease resistance

Diet and husbandry
Fish larval nutrition and diets
Aquaculture feeds and ingredients
Ingredient evaluation in aquaculture
Digestibility, utilization and other key nutritional parameters
Quantifying nutritional requirements in aquaculture
Advances in aquaculture nutrition
Advances in aquaculture feeds and feeding
Monitoring viral contamination in shellfish growing areas
Impact of harmful algal bloom on shellfisheries aquaculture
Advances in microalgal culture for aquaculture feed and other uses

Environmental issues predicting and assessing the environmental impact of aquaculture
Spatial decision support in aquaculture
Zooremediation of contaminated aquatic systems through aquaculture initiatives

Farming new species
Farming cod and halibut
Biological and technological advances in two emerging cold-water marine finfish aquaculture species
Cobia cultivation in aquaculture
Advances in the culture of lobsters
Advances in the culture of crabs

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