International Conference on Neutron Physics ICNP on August 08-09, 2022 in Montreal, Canada

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International Conference on Neutron Physics (ICNP) August 08, 2022 - Montreal, Canada
Neutron physics
Neutron sources
Neutron detectors
Measurement of cross sections
Neutron fields
Applications of elementary diffusion theory
The spatial distribution of moderated neutrons
Time dependence of the slowing-down and diffusion processes
Thermalization of neutrons
Measurement of the thermal neutron flux with probes
Activation by epithermal neutrons
Threshold detectors for fast neutrons
Standardization of neutron measurements
Investigation of the energy distribution of slow neutrons
Slowing-down parameters
Investigation of the diffusion of thermal neutrons by stationary methods
Investigation of the diffusion, absorption, and thermalization of neutrons by non-stationary methods
Neutron scattering lengths and fundamental neutron interactions
Very low energy neutrons
Physics/technology of cold and ultracold neutrons
Electroweak standard model tests
Nuclear physics/QCD
Physics beyond the standard model

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