International Conference on Natural Language Processing in Information Retrieval ICNLPIR on December 02-03, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Natural Language Processing in Information Retrieval (ICNLPIR) December 02, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fundamentals of data science, data and text mining, interactive systems, information mining and psycholinguistics
Resources for basic NLP tasks
Automated knowledge acquisition and representation
Natural language understanding
Topic recognition and topic tracking, subject indexing
Event and anomaly detection - Sentiment analysis
Opinion, personality and emotion detection in social media
Author identification and plagiarism detection
Document summarization and identification
Similarity analysis, clustering, hierarchic clustering
Methods for Classification and Categorization
Visualization of NLP and IR results
Ontologies, knowledge representation, semantic web technologies
Ontology generation, merging and verification methods
Diachronic corpora and temporal reasoning over knowledge basis
Graph- and deep-learning-based methods of NLP and IR
Interactive, dynamic as well as contextual and personalized IR
Adversarial and cross language information retrieval
Methods and systems of automatic machine translation
Query Expansion
IR result evaluation and relevance feedback
Social and multimedia IR
Methods and analyses for statistical networks, small world graphs, dynamic graphs and in particular co-occurrence graphs
Methods based on Swarm Intelligence and other natural inspired methods
Decentralised knowledge representation, search and IR
Collaborative information filtering
Self-organisation and –maintenance of information in the WWW
Aspects of high-performance text analysis
Propagation and diffusion of information, super popular content

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