International Conference on Nanorobotics and Nanotechnology ICNN on August 19-20, 2021 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Nanorobotics and Nanotechnology (ICNN) August 19, 2021 - London, United Kingdom
Design of nanorobots
Applications of nanorobotics
Nanofabrication and assembly
Molecular machines
Medical and pharmaceutical applications
Hypothetical nanorobotic systems
Robotic nanomanipulation
Biologically inspired nanorobots
Theoretical design, control, and simulation
Advanced nanorobotics and current research projects
Nanorobotics theory
Kinematic and dynamic modeling of nanorobotic systems
Approaches to nanorobotics
Surface-bound systems
Positional nanoassembly
Bacteria-based nanorobotics
Virus-based nanorobotics
Control of nanorobotic systems
Manufacturing of nanorobotics
3d printing
3d printing and laser etching
Two-photon lithography
Afm/spm based assembly and manipulation at the nanoscale
Molecular self-assembly and swarm behavior of nanorobots
Mri-based technologies for nanorobotics
Nanoswimmers at low reynolds numbers
Magnetic wireless nano-agents
Non-contact nanorobotics

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