International Conference on Music Theory and Musicology Society ICMTM on January 21-22, 2024 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Music Theory and Musicology Society (ICMTM) January 21, 2024 - London, United Kingdom
Music Theory and Musicology
Musicological applications
Music theory
Sociology of music
Music Information Retrieval Data and Fundamentals
Music signal processing
Symbolic music processing
Metadata, linked data and semantic web
Social tags and user generated data
Natural language processing, text and web mining
Multi-modal approaches to Music Information Retrieval

Methodological issues and philosophical foundations
Evaluation methodology
Corpus creation
Legal, social and ethical issues

Domain Knowledge
Representation of musical knowledge and meaning
Music perception and cognition
Computational music theory
Computational musicology and ethnomusicology

Musical Features and Properties
Melody and motives
Harmony, chords and tonality
Rhythm, beat, tempo
Structure, segmentation and form
Timbre, instrumentation and voice
Musical style and genre
Musical affect, emotion and mood
Expression and performative aspects of music

Music Processing
Sound source separation
Music transcription and annotation
Optical music recognition
Alignment, synchronization and score following
Music summarization
Music synthesis and transformation
Automatic classification
Indexing and querying
Pattern matching and detection
Similarity metrics

User behavior and modelling
User interfaces and interaction
Digital libraries and archives
Music retrieval systems
Music recommendation and playlist generation
Music and health, well-being and therapy
Music training and education
Music Information Retrieval applications in music composition, performance and production
Music and gaming
Music Information Retrieval in business and marketing

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