International Conference on Music and Performing Arts ICMPA on July 08-09, 2023 in Prague, Czechia

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International Conference on Music and Performing Arts (ICMPA) July 08, 2023 - Prague, Czechia
Musical Research
Aesthetics and value
Music industry
Writing about music
Sociology and cultural studies
The relevance of music scholarship beyond the academy
Music and politics
Critical appraisal of the musical works
Music and Consciousness
Musical research in neuroscience, psychology, phenomenology, philosophy, sociology, musicology, performance studies, ethnomusicology, music therapy, evolutionary psychology, cognitive archaeology, and cultural history

Music and Performing Arts
Music Perception and Cognition
Acoustics and psychoacoustics
Cognitive ethnomusicology
Cognitive modeling of music
Cognitive musicology
Composition and improvisation
Computational Modeling of Music
Cross-cultural studies of music
Memory and music
Musical development
Musical timbre
Music and emotions
Music and evolution
Music and language
Music and meaning
Music and movement
Music and neuroscience
Music and personality
Music and well-being
Music education
Music performance
Music therapy
Perception and response
Pitch and tonal perception
Rhythm, meter, and timing
Social psychology of music

Performing arts healthcare
Music, movement and the brain
Therapy, healing, and meditation
New theories and concepts in psychology and spirituality
Interdisciplinary (including both acoustic and technology based) performance and
Hybridity, interculturalism, cross culturalism
Music, movement and environmental awareness
Cultural policies and copyright laws
Tourism and commoditisation
Authenticity, appropriation, innovation
Sustaining cultural traditions through innovative compositions and choreography
Distance learning programmes
Music and performing arts advocacy
Learning through online digital games
Formal and informal teaching and learning
Online music and performing arts communities
Community-based and indigenous-based education

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