International Conference on Multifunctional Polymer Materials and Composites ICMPMC on November 29-30, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Multifunctional Polymer Materials and Composites (ICMPMC) November 29, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Multifunctional polymer composites
Multifunctionality in reinforced polymers and composite structures
Multifunctional composite materials
Innovative multifunctional carbon/carbon composites
Innovative multifunctional sandwich gfrp/jute composite structures
Special matrices/reinforcements/interphases
Multifunctional polymer composites using natural fiber reinforcements
Natural fibers: their composites and flammability characterizations
Multifunctional nanobiocomposites of biodegradable polylactide and nanoclay
Trends in the multifunctional performance of polyolefin/clay nanocomposite injection moldings
Graphite as a multifunctional filler for polymer nanocomposites
Mechanical properties of multifunctional foam core materials
Reactive compatibilization in technology of poly(alkylene terephthalate)-based composites
Multifunctional interphases in polymer composites
Development of multifunctional composites for aerospace application
Lightweight structural composites with electromagnetic applications
Carbon and metal-fiber-reinforced airframe structures
Multifunctional carbon nanotube-based nano-composites for aerospace applications
Multifunctional hierarchical nanocomposite laminates for automotive/aerospace applications
Synergistic effect of carbon nanotube and graphene on multifunctional properties of their polymer composites
Multifunctionality of nonasbestos organic brake materials
Transparent wear-resistant multifunctional polymeric nanocoatings
Multifunctional polymeric composites with wear-resistant, toughening, and self-healing features
Multifunctional structural battery and supercapacitor composites
High-performance electrospun nanostructured composite fiber anodes for lithium–ion batteries
Multifunctional polymer composites for intelligent structures
Multifunctional SMA-based composites for aerospace applications
Active hybrid structures made of shape memory alloys and fiber-reinforced composites
Self-sensing carbon nanotube composites: processing and characterization
Self-healing woven glass/epoxy composites
Recent advances in shape memory epoxy resins and composites
Nanocomposites with tailored optical properties
Multifunctional polymer/ZnO nanocomposites: controlled dispersion and physical properties
New functions in polymer composites using a nanoparticle-modified matrix
Composite materiomics

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