International Conference on Molecular Biology and Biomedicine ICMBB on May 24-25, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (ICMBB) May 24, 2023 - Barcelona, Spain
biological data mining and visualization
biological morphology
biomedical image processing
biomedical systems modeling, simulation and visualization
Bio-ontology and semantics
Brain informatics
Cell Adhesion Molecules and Matrix Biology
Cell Biology of Immunity
Cell Migration in Biology
Chromatin Dynamics and Cancer
Clinical Drug Development
Computational and Systems Biology
Computational drug discovery
Computational genomics
Computational modeling, analysis and simulation of complex biological systems
Computational proteomics
Computational tools for sequence analysis
Developmental biology
DNA Damage Responses and Cell Cycle Regulation
Dynamic modeling of cell processes
Dynamics of complex biological systems
Dynamics of Molecular Imaging
Evolution of biological networks
Gene expression networks
Grid computing and service-oriented architecture for biological or medical applications
High-performance biocomputing
Host-Pathogen Interaction
ICT infrastructure for bioscience and biotechnology
Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Disorders
Microarray design and data analysis
Molecular biology
Molecular databases / data warehouses
Molecular Systems Biology
Myogenesis and Cardiogenesis
Neuronal Synapses
Computational neurobiology, neuroinformatics
Parameter identification and validation of cell network models
Plant Cell Biology
Plant Development
Plant Hormones and Cell Differentiation
Proteomics in Cell Biology
Quantitative approaches to cell processes
Small RNA: Function and it\\\'s Biomedical Application
Smart Drug Delivery Strategy
Stem Cell Regulation
Structural bioinformatics
Synthetic biological systems
Systems Biology
Systems theoretical analysis/interpretation of biological mechanisms/phenomena
Therapeutic Antibody
Topological analysis of gene regulation, signal transduction and metabolic networks
Visualization methods for computational biology

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