International Conference on Modern Gas Turbine Systems ICMGTS on February 15-16, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Modern Gas Turbine Systems (ICMGTS) February 15, 2023 - London, United Kingdom
Modern gas turbine systems
Gas turbine types and applications
Fundamentals of gas turbine cycles
Compressors in gas turbine systems
Combustors in gas turbine systems
Turbines for industrial gas turbine systems
Heat exchangers and heat recovery processes in gas turbine systems
Turbogenerators in gas turbine systems
Materials and coatings developments for gas turbine systems and components
Operation and maintenance of modern gas turbine systems
Gas turbine operation and combustion performance issues
Gas turbine performance modelling, analysis and optimization
Advanced gas turbine asset and performance management
Maintenance and repair of gas turbine components
Fuel flexibility in gas turbine systems: impact on burner design and performance
Ultra-low nitrogen oxides emissions combustion in gas turbine systems
Advanced material and coating
Advanced materials for ultrasupercritical gas turbine systems
Aerodynamics and design
Aircraft engines
Aircraft propulsion system concepts for future commercial transport
Combustion instability
Combustion, fuel and emissions
Component damage, failure, and life assessment
Conjugate heat transfer simulation
Control and diagnostics
Cycle innovation
Frontier on computational fluid dynamics in gas turbines
Gas turbine systems performance and operability
Gas turbine technology
Heat transfer
Industrial gas turbine and power systems
Manufacturing technologies
Manufacturing, repair, and refurbishment technologies
Materials and coatings
Novel cooling technologies
Numerical simulation for combustor design
Operational experiences, reliability and maintenance
Propulsion/aircraft integration, energy and thermal management
Renewable energy technologies
Small gas turbine and turbochargers
Soot and particulates
Steam turbine aerodynamic efficiency enhancement and wet steam loss reduction
Steam turbine long blade development technology
Steam turbines
Structures and dynamics
Thermophysics and aeromechanics
Turbocharger technology and performance
Unsteady flow and flow control in turbines
Unsteady flow and stability enhancement in fans and compressors
Wind turbines

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