International Conference on Military Robotic Systems Engineering ICMRSE on April 22-23, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Military Robotic Systems Engineering (ICMRSE) April 22, 2023 - London, United Kingdom
Advances in Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Future Military Operations
Autonomous Systems and Robotic Swarms – Research, Development and Application
Autonomous Tactical Behaviour
Biomimetic robotics
Capability Development in Context of Future Operational Environment
Concept of Future Robotic Swarm Warfare
Cyber security in Context of Robotic Applications
Distributed Robot Coordination
Domestic Personal Robots
Effectiveness and Reliability of Robotic Swarms
Ethical, Psychological, Legal and Operational Aspects
Future Environment, Technology and Impact on Society
Future Threats, Challenges and Opportunities of Robotic Systems
Human-Robot Interface
IAS for Manufacturing
Important or Interesting Concepts and Experiments
Intelligent Security and Surveillance Systems
Intelligent Transport Systems
Key Challenges of the Contemporary Research and Development
Man versus Machine
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of AI Tasks
Mechanism and Robot Design
Medical/rehabilitation robotics
Modelling and Simulation in Capability Evaluation of Robotic Swarms
Modelling and Simulation of Future Operational Tasks
Modelling and Simulation of Intelligent Systems – AI, Research, Development and Application
Motion Planning
Multi-Agent Systems
Networked robots
Professional Service Robots
Rescue Robots
Robot Simulations
Robotic Swarms, Benefits, Treats and Challenges
Robotic Systems in Context of Future Warfare and Security – Concepts, Applications, Standards and Legislation
Robotic Systems Projects
Robotic Systems Strategy, Concepts and Implementation in all Operations Domains
Security, Use of Robotic Systems as Lethal Weapons, Safety of Aviation
Service/Life Support Robots
Space Robotics
SWARM Intelligent Robots
Technology, Real Time Issue and Reality Gaps in Context of Advanced AI Concepts
The Role of the Robots and Foot Soldier in the Future Operational Environment
Underwater/Aerial Robots
Visual Servoing/Robot vision

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