International Conference on Military Medicine ICMM on January 28-29, 2024 in Bengaluru, India

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International Conference on Military Medicine (ICMM) January 28, 2024 - Bengaluru, India
Medical Protection from CBRN Threats
Organization of Medical Support in Disaster Relief Operation
Modern Issues of War Surgery
Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases Endemic for the Region
Aviation Medicine and Occupational Health Issues Related to the Military
Mental Health of the Servicemen Engaged in Combat and Disaster Relief Operations
Terrain specific military medical support: Challenges and solutions
Health protection and promotion in the military environment: Experiences and best practices
Combat medical support: Technological advances and implications
Humanitarian aid and disaster relief: Implications of a changing global scenario

Health intelligence
Pain relief and pain management
Psychological support for military families
Human rights and the soldier
Training in military medicine
Military medical ethics and dilemmas, ethical problematics issues and international law in recents conflicts
Combat life survey “the golden hours”
Wounded in action : physical and mental rehabilitation
Mission and capacity of military medicine facing epidemics or disaster

The veteran's health and responsibility
Leadership in military medicine
Health screening of recruits
Medical disability benefits and compensation
Primary versus tertiary care for the soldier
Women in combat: Challenges for health care providers

Military Medicine and Health
Joint and Combined Operations
Psychological Health
Wounded Warrior Care
Global Health
Dental Health
Ethics and law
Military Medicine Education

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Address: UAE

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