International Conference on Microwave Technology, Circuits and Device Technologies ICMTCDT on May 24-25, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Microwave Technology, Circuits and Device Technologies (ICMTCDT) May 24, 2023 - Barcelona, Spain
Microwave technology

Passive components, circuits and subsystems
Planar passive components and circuits
Planar and non-planar filters and multiplexers
Tunable and reconfigurable circuits and systems
Multiferroics, electro-optics, RF MEMS and NEMS, and MOEMS
Metamaterials, frequency-selective surfaces, and electromagnetic bandgap structures
Interconnects, packaging and multi-chip modules
Emerging material, circuit, and device technologies

Active components, circuits and subsystems
Active tunable and metamaterial circuits and non-foster-circuits
Low-noise circuits and modules
Linear and nonlinear frequency conversion techniques
High-frequency generation techniques
Power amplifiers and smart transmitters
Vacuum electronics
Front-end and transceiver modules

Field and circuit analysis, simulation and characterisation techniques
Electromagnetic field theory and numerical techniques
Electromagnetic compatibility, signal integrity and electromagnetic interference
Interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter, electromagnetic scattering
Measurement techniques and systems from RF to terahertz
Simulation of electrically large problems

Antennas and propagation
Integrated antennas
Phased arrays, related circuits and components
Antenna systems: theory, modelling, calibration and measurements
Smart antennas, antenna systems with digital beam forming, MIMO antennas
Channel measurements and modelling
Channel emulation and over-the-air testing

Systems and applications
System-in-package technologies from RF to terahertz and photonics
System technologies from RF to terahertz
Ultra-wideband technology and systems
Emerging architectures for wired and wireless systems from RF to terahertz
Mobile and satellite communications
Navigation and localization
Process automation, mobility, and logistics
Wireless power transfer and energy harvesting
High-power microwave and millimetre-wave applications
Biological and medical applications, wireless health care and ambient assisted living
RFID, near field communication, sensor networks and sensor data fusion
Cognitive radio and wireless multimedia communications

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Address: UAE

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