International Conference on Mechanics of Composite Materials ICMCM on November 04-05, 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Mechanics of Composite Materials (ICMCM) November 04, 2021 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Structure and properties of constituents
Properties of polymeric, metallic, and ceramic matrices
Properties of fillers, nanoparticles, and organic and natural reinforcing fibers
Role of interface, measurements, and optimization

Time-and environment-dependent properties and durability
Long-term properties, creep, and aging
Environmental effects
Prediction of long-term deformations

Strength, fracture, damage and fatigue
Interaction and sequence of inter- and intralaminar damage and failure in composites
Measurements of fracture toughness
Delamination of laminates
Fatigue under complex loading histories
Prediction of fatigue lifetime and accelerated tests

Methods of optimization of composite structures
Sandwich structural and joint design
Intelligent systems
Active and passive control systems
Damage monitoring in structures and seismic design

Composite materials application in aeronautics and space
Properties of composite materials
Finite element modeling (FEM)
Production and maintenance aspects

Composites in civil engineering and infrastructure
Fiber-reinforced plastics for concrete structures
Polymer composites for renovation of structures
Polymers in concrete

Mechanical aspects of technology
Resin infusion processes
Flow of nonlinear polymer melts in porous media
Recycling of advanced composites

Mechanics of biological tissues
Mechanics of prosthesis of biological organs

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