International Conference on Materials Research and Nanotechnology on July 01-02, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

International Conference on Materials Research and Nanotechnology on July 01-02, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ICMRN-2024 Meeting serves as an international arena for the assessment and dissemination of current and emerging Materials Science and Nanotechnology research. This Hybrid mode allows you to participate as in-person in Kuala Lumpur or Virtual from your home or work. At this ICMRN meeting, researchers from all scientific fields, backgrounds and employment sectors—from students to eminent scientists—converge at this event to exchange technical information, engage in broader impact programming, network with friends and colleagues, and contribute to the advancement of Materials Science and Nanotechnology. The experts and industry partners will get a terrific networking opportunity. ICMRN-2024 will re-unite over 100 experts from the world's finest research and professional institutes to discuss not only their expertise, but also their discoveries in the field. The colloquium also aims to foster synergistic collaboration between academics and industry, as well as to demonstrate the rapid advancement of cutting-edge technology in the field of Material science and engineering in recent years with an earnest International audience.

Conference Sessions

Materials Science and Engineering

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Computational Materials Science

Structural Materials, Corossion, Alloys and Metallurgy

Optics, Photonics, Electronic and Magnetic Materials

Nanotechnology for Energy and the Environment

Nanotechnology in Healthcare and its Applications

Super Conductivity and Magnetism, Biophysics

Glass Science and Technologies

Functional Materials, Metals, and Metal Casting Technology

Materials Synthesis And Processing

3D Printing Technology

Advanced Bio-Materials, Bio medical devices & Tissue Engineering

Energy, Environment and Materials Technology

Polymer Science and Polymeric Materials

Materials in Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering

Graphene Technologies and carbon Nanotubes

Manufacturing Technology and Instrumentation Technology

Materials Chemistry, Sustainable Chemistry and Materials Physics

Carbon Nanostructures, Graphene and 2D Materials

Environmental and Green Materials

Metal selection, Construction and commissioning, recycling processes, waste treatment

Bio Materials and Smart Materials

Ceramics, Polymers and Composite Materials

Energy Materials

Energy Materials

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