International Conference on Maritime Transport ICMT on November 11-12, 2023 in Venice, Italy

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International Conference on Maritime Transport (ICMT) November 11, 2023 - Venice, Italy
Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation
Economic Impacts of Maritime Transportation and Ports
Environment (Protection; Sea Pollution and Environmental Protection; Ships and Ports Safety and Security)
European Maritime Transport and Port Activities
Global Maritime Transport and Ballast Water Management
Greening Maritime Transport
Human Element (Working Hours, Fatigue and Rest on Board; Leadership and Team Management; Seafarers’ Welfare; Managing of Emergency Situations)
International Maritime Transport and Climate Policy
Liberalization in Maritime Transport
Marine Environment and Climate Change: Maritime Transport and CO2 Emissions
Maritime and Transport Law
Maritime Education and Training (Simulators and Multimedia Resources; Computer-based Assessments in Seafaring Training; Online Training)
Maritime Policy and Management: International Shipping and Port Research
Maritime Transport and Business Solutions
Maritime Transport and Business Studies
Maritime Transport and Future Policies
Maritime Transport and Infrastructure
Maritime Transport and International Seaborne Trade
Maritime Transport and Logistics
Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security
Maritime Transport and Roadways
Maritime Transport and the Climate Change Challenge
Maritime Transport Costs and Port Efficiency
Maritime Transport, Connectivity, and Trade Facilitation
Maritime Transportation and Logistics
Nautical Engineering and Maritime Transport
Ports (Private and Public Port Infrastructures; Communications Port – Hinterland; Internationalization of Ports; Logistic Zones, ZAL- Centers of Transport; RFID and Location Systems at Ports)
Shipping Business (Ships and Port Operations, Facilities and Cargo Handling; Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Short Sea and Multimodal Transport; Productivity and Exploitation of Maritime Transport)
Ships and Navigation (Navigation Systems; Ship Development and Emerging Technologies; Ship Dynamics and Stability; Marine Engineering; Ship Propulsion, Equipment and Automation; Preventive and Predictive Maintenance; e-Navigation and e-Maritime)
Sustainable Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Sea Resources
Sustainable Maritime Transportation Systems
Trends in Maritime Transport and Port Development
Waterway and Maritime Transport

Name: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Address: UAE

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