International Conference on Marine Ecological Engineering and Technology ICMEET on January 28-29, 2023 in New York, United States

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International Conference on Marine Ecological Engineering and Technology (ICMEET) January 28, 2023 - New York, United States
Marine ecological engineering
Marine ecology and biodiversity
Experimental marine biology and ecology
Marine ecological communities and ecosystems
Marine environment and pollution
Marine plankton including harmful algal bloom
Threatened and invasive species
Conservation of marine resources
Impacts of climate change on marine ecosystem and resources
Adaptation and minimization strategies of climate change effects
Artificial reef and marine ecosystem management
Marine plankton
Measuring and sampling
The seawater habitat—physical and chemical conditions
Organic production in the sea
Energetics of a marine ecosystem
Human impact on the marine environment
Marine and atmospheric science
Oceanographic and atmospheric research
Marine ecology
Tropical marine
Ocean currents
Environmental understanding and management
Marine conservation
Marine physics
Structure, physics, dynamics and thermodynamics of the atmosphere
Physical and chemical processes in coastal ecosystems
Marine and atmospheric chemistry
Marine mammals
Marine biology and fisheries
Marine geology and geophysics
Meteorology and physical oceanograph
Global climate change
Atmospheric observation
Weather analysis
Marine affairs and policy
Biological oceanographic techniques
Weather and climate
Modern meteorology
Plants and animals of the sea
Environmental oceanography
Tropical marine biology
Mathematical methods for marine science
Biological oceanography
Climate and global change
Tropical coastal ecosystems

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Address: UAE

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