International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering, Developments and Robotics ICMEDR on June 27-28, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering, Developments and Robotics (ICMEDR) June 27, 2022 - Istanbul, Turkey
Manufacturing engineering
Manufacturing practices
Modern developments
Modern tools
Good manufacturing practice
Current manufacturing practices
Agricultural practices
Laboratory practices
Clinical practices
Regulatory practice
Distribution practice
Transportation practice
Statics and dynamics
Research, design and development of systems
Processes, machines, tools, and equipment
Raw materials
Strength of materials and solid mechanics
Instrumentation and measurement
Engineering design and graphics
Circuit analysis
Identify the most cost-effective material handling
Develop and implement fabrication processes for nano-/micro-devices
Develop the best assignment of machines and equipment
Design circuit board manufacturing processes
Textile engineering
Frontiers of research
Flexible manufacturing systems
Computer integrated manufacturing
Friction stirs welding
Producing quality products with optimal expenditure
Putting-out system
English system of manufacturing
American system of manufacturing
Soviet collectivism in manufacturing
Mass production
Computer integrated manufacturing
Computer-aided technologies in manufacturing
Just in time manufacturing
Lean manufacturing
Flexible manufacturing
Mass customization
Agile manufacturing
Rapid manufacturing
Numerical control machine tools and automated systems of production
Advanced statistical methods of quality control
Industrial robots on the factory

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Address: UAE

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