International Conference on Management of Metals ICMM on July 12-13, 2022 in Bali, Indonesia

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International Conference on Management of Metals (ICMM) July 12, 2022 - Bali, Indonesia
Materials science and engineering
Materials engineering and testing
Construction materials testing laboratories
Minimize material replacements
Reduce the likelihood of deterioration
Avoid potential failures
Investigate and evaluate materials-related problems
Industry-leading software for materials information management
Management of metals and composites data
Materials in industry
Industrial applications of materials
Materials design
Industrial production of materials
Processing techniques
Extraction of materials and their conversion into useful forms
Extraction and purification techniques
Basic materials sector
Processing of raw materials
Mining and refining of metals, chemical producers and forestry products
Qualifying chemicals
Energy sources
Basic materials sector and economical shifts
Construction projects
Creation of new products
Foundry techniques
Blast furnace extraction
Electrolytic extraction
Electronic, optical and magnetic materials
Electronic circuits
Optoelectronic devices
Magnetic and optical mass storage media
Conductors and insulators
Superconducting materials, spintronics, metamaterials
Solid-state physics
Condensed matter physics
Performance of construction materials
Atomic structure
Durability and mechanical properties
Materials in research
Discovery and design of new materials

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