International Conference on Management Cybernetics and Core Principles ICMCCP on December 13-14, 2021 in Rome, Italy

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International Conference on Management Cybernetics and Core Principles (ICMCCP) December 13, 2021 - Rome, Italy
Management cybernetics
Organizational design, modeling and simulation
Applications of organizational cybernetics
Effective social organizations
Organizational cybernetics approach
Cultures, strategies, structures, operations
Implementation, structural guidance, and performance assessment processes
Single- and double-loop and learning processes
Pathologies of social systems
Business management and decision processes
Cybernetic organization models
Organizational cybernetics, humanities and human concerns
Regulation and self-regulation of organizations
Autonomous agency theory and cultural agency theory
Institutions, organization and mechanisms of social steering
Design of structures, roles, communication and information systems
System holism principle
Darkness principle
Eighty-twenty principle
Complementarity law
Hierarchy principle
Godel’s incompleteness theorem
Redundancy of information theorem
Redundancy of potential command principle
Relaxation time principle
Circular causality principle one and two
Feedback dominance theorem
Homeostasis principle
Steady state principle
Requisite variety law
Conant-Ashby theorem
Self-organizing systems principle
Basins of stability principle
Viability principle
Recursive system theorem
New paradigms and perspectives
Future directions
Technological perspectives
Future prospects and trends

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