International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies ICLLS on June 20-21, 2024 in Vienna, Austria

International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies ICLLS on June 20-21, 2024 in Vienna, Austria

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International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies (ICLLS) June 20, 2024 - Vienna, Austria

Applied linguistics
Cognitive linguistics
Conversational analysis
Critical discourse analysis
Intercultural studies
Deep Language Processing for Quality Machine Translation
Discourse analysis
Functional grammar
Language acquisition
Language ideology
Language policy
Language socialization
Linguistic Analysis
Linguistic anthropology/ethnography
Linguistic Approach
Linguistic Description
Linguistic Descriptions
Linguistic Expressions
Linguistic Feature
Linguistic Information
Linguistic Knowledge
Linguistic Labels
Linguistic models and linguistic modeling
Linguistic Modelling and Knowledge Processing
Linguistic Processing
Linguistic Rules
Linguistic Terms
Linguistic Values
Linguistic Variable
Literacy studies
Narrative studies, gesture/ sign /visual forms of communication
Text/corpus linguistics

Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

Automatic text summarization
Computer assisted Language Learning
Cultural studies
Curriculum Development and Syllabus Design
Dialogue systems
Discourse Analysis and Critical Discourse Analysis
English for specific purposes
Fluent Teacher Interactions
Foreign Language Teaching
Gender studies
General Linguistics
Globalization Studies and world English’s
Independent / Autonomous Learning
Information and Computer Technology in TEFL
Innovation in language Teaching and learning
Intercultural Education
Language acquisition and learning
Language curriculum development
Language education
Language Education, Teacher Education and Professional Development
Language Planning, Literature, Syntax and Semantics
Language program evaluation
Language teacher education
Language Teaching and Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology
Language Teaching Methodologies, Pedagogical Techniques
Language teaching methodology
Language Testing and Assessment
Literacy and language learning
Machine translation
Materials Development, Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
Mobile Language Learning
Pronunciation modeling
Second Language
Second Language Acquisition
Second Language Acquisition Theory
Second language Audio
Second Language Digital Literacy Skills
Second Language Learners
Second Language Learning
Second language Pedagogy
Second Language Proficiency
Second Language Speech
Second Language Teaching
Second Language Training
Second Language Tutor
Second language Vocabulary Learning
Speech processing
Speech quality and intelligibility tests
Stylistics, Language and Culture, Cognition, and Pragmatics
Teacher Training, Cross-Cultural studies, Bilingual and Multilingual Education
Teaching and Curricular Practices, Curriculum Development and Teaching Methods
Teaching English as a Foreign/ Second Language
Teaching Language Skills
Testing and Evaluation, Language Representation
Text understanding systems
Translation Studies
Translation, Teaching of Specific Skills, New Technologies in Language Teaching
Word sense disambiguation

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Address: UAE

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program.
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