International Conference on Laser and Optoelectronics ICLO on April 15-16, 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa

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International Conference on Laser and Optoelectronics (ICLO) April 15, 2023 - Cape Town, South Africa
Lasers, amplifiers, micro/nano-photonic devices
Solid-state-, liquid and gas lasers, technology and devices
Fiber lasers, cw and pulsed; amplification, ultra wideband, mode-locked, nonlinear effects
High Energy/Average Power Lasers
Micro fabricated devices, on-chip applications
Nonlinear effects in micro and nano devices

Laser Processing of Materials
Femtosecond laser processing
Laser micro- and nanoprocessing
Laser Nanopatterning
Laser Synthesis of Nanomaterials
Laser Direct Write
Laser assisted fabrication of novel opto-electronic devices

Terahertz Technologies and Applications
Ultrafast time-domain systems
Direct generation using terahertz lasers
Cw generation based on nonlinear optical mixing
New terahertz measurement techniques and instrumentation
Advances in imaging configurations, detector technologies, and terahertz optical components
Terahertz optical measurements
Applications using terahertz radiation for spectroscopy, sensing, and imaging

Ultrafast Optics, Optoelectronic Devices and Applications
Optical phase control in ultrafast laser systems
Ultrafast optoelectronic and electro-optic materials, devices, and systems
Ultrafast measurement techniques
Applications of ultrafast technology
Ultrafast amplification and schemes

Short-pulse, solid-state, semiconductor, fiber, waveguide optical sources and devices
Fiber-optic sensor and networks
White LED and related technologies
Electro-optic modulators and related advanced modulation format technologies
Advanced radio-over-fiber devices and related technologies
Intelligent optoelectronic devices and optical switching
Grating-based devices and related technologies
Slow and fast light devices and related technologies
Free-space communications related devices and technologies
Systems or devices for optical and digital image processing

Biophotonics and Optofluidics
Laser medical diagnostics and therapeutics
Biosensing including spectroscopic optical diagnostics
Optical coherence tomography
Photoacoustic techniques
Optics in biotechnology
Lab-on-chip devices
Microfluidically tunable or reconfigurable optical and photonic systems
Optofluidic assembly and lithographic techniques

Active Optical Sensing and Metrology
New optical devices, instruments, and technologies for precision measurements
Optical frequency standards; length, distance, and dimensional metrology; lasers, supercontinua, and broadband sources
Frequency-comb generation, control, and applications; carrier-envelope phase control
Chemical and biological agent detection and identification
Atmospheric monitoring, indoor, outdoor, industrial, combustion, emissions
New: Laser spectroscopy for Breath Analysis

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