International Conference on Large Marine Ecosystems and Management ICLMEM on November 11-12, 2021 in Rome, Italy

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International Conference on Large Marine Ecosystems and Management (ICLMEM) November 11, 2021 - Rome, Italy
Large marine ecosystems
Governance characteristics of large marine ecosystems
Marine resources management in large marine ecosystems
Ecosystem management and its application to large marine ecosystems

Sustainability of large marine ecosystems
Large marine ecosystems as global units for marine resources management
The large marine ecosystem approach to regional seas action plans and conventions
Scientific and organizational aspects of large marine ecosystems research
Application of large marine ecosystems management to global marine pollution
Application of international global change research programs
Approaches to forecasting biomass yields in large marine ecosystems

Stress and mitigation of large marine ecosystems
Long-term viability in the food chains, biomass yields, and oceanography
Effects of physical and biological changes on the biomass yields
Food chains, physical dynamics, perturbations and biomass yields
Effects of long-term physical and biological perturbations on the contemporary biomass yields
The large marine ecosystem of shelf areas in the Gulf of Guinea
Ecological and fishing features of the Adriatic Sea
Recent fishery trends and evidence for nutrient enrichment in two large marine ecosystems
Stratified models of large marine ecosystems
Marine biogeographic provinces of the Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort Seas
Effects of climatic changes on the biomass yield of the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and West Greenland large marine ecosystems

Sustainability and management of large marine ecosystems
Regional approach to large marine ecosystems
Legal regimes for management of large marine ecosystems and their component resources
Ocean management and the large marine ecosystem concept
Convention on the conservation of Antarctic marine living resources
Simulation study of effects of closed areas to all fishing
Research and management in the Northern California Current ecosystem
Sustainable development of the Great Barrier Reef as a large marine ecosystem
Role of national political factors in the management of LMEs: evidence from West Africa
Large marine ecosystems of the Pacific Rim

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