International Conference on Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies ICLLCS on March 06-07, 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan

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International Conference on Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies (ICLLCS) March 06, 2023 - Taipei, Taiwan
Anthropology and ethnography in cultural studies
Applied linguistics (including sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics) in language education
Autonomy in language learning
Classical Literature
cognitive processes and structures
Collaborations in Language Teacher Education
Contemporary Approaches to Literature
Contemporary Literature
Creativity and innovation in language teaching
Critical Race Theory
Critical thinking in language learning
Cultural identity
Cultural issues in language teaching
Cultural studies
Culture, Communication and Identity
Culture and the social construct of gender
Culture Studies
Diaspora Identities
Diasporic Literature
Discourse Analysis
Drama and Dramaturgy
Effective Teaching Methodologies in Language and Literature Classrooms
English Language and Globalization
Evaluation methods and user studies
Geopolitical Issues in Literature
Intercultural Communication
Interdisciplinarity and multiculturalism in Translation
Interdisciplinarity in Language Teaching and Learning
Interdisciplinarity in Language Teaching and Translation
Intersectionality and Identity Politics
Intersections of the translations and cultural studies in literary reception
Language, Culture and Translation
Language, Gender and Power
Language, Identity and Culture
Language, linguistic and speech resource development
Language, Literature and Culture in Education
Language, Literature and Ideology
Language, Power and Ideology
Language and Culture
Language and education (language education, language of education, language in education)
Language and Gender
Language and Literature for Human Understanding and World Peace
Language and Literature for Knowledge and Value in a Globalizing World
Language and Popular Culture
Language and Power
Language and the New Media
Language Education
Language for Specific Purposes
Language in Literature
Language Varieties
Literary Criticism
Literary Pragmatics
Literary Semantics
Literary studies
Literature and Culture in Language Learning and Teaching
Literature and English teaching
Literature and Film
Literature and Gender
Literature and Globalization
Literature and History
Literature and Other Arts
Literature as Articulation of Culture
Literature as Social Discourse
Machine learning for natural language
Media and Communication
Medieval and Renaissance Literature
Memory, place and belonging, ethnic, cultural and religious minorities
Multicultural past and present
Multicultural Poetry and Prose
Narrative Texts and Narrative Coherence
Nation and Nationality
Overlapping culture-areas
Poetry and Prose
Policies of diversity
Practices of Language Teacher Education
Representation and Resistance in Post-colonial Literature
Role of literature in Developing Pragmatic Competence
Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of Language Teacher Education
Teaching and Learning of English as a Foreign/ Second Language
Teaching language skills and elements
Teaching of Language and Literature
Text analysis, understanding, summarization and generation
Text mining and information extraction, summarization and retrieval
The analysis of language and language use as providing a window into non-linguistic cognitive processes and structures
The Knowledge Base of Language Teacher Education
The transformative nature of the role of language and communication in human cognition
Translating human values and social traditions
Translation studies
Variety of World Englishes
Women Writers and Images of Women
Women’s Writings

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