International Conference on Knowledge Generation, Communication and Management ICKGCM on November 04-05, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Knowledge Generation, Communication and Management (ICKGCM) November 04, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Knowledge Communication
Knowledge Generation
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Engineering
Knowledge Representation
Relationships between Knowledge Communication and Knowledge Generation
Relationships between Knowledge Communications and Knowledge Management
Relationships between Knowledge Generation and Knowledge Management
Means and methods for Knowledge Generation and Communication
Knowledge Communication and Conferences
Knowledge verification and validation
Peer Reviewing
Scientific and Technical Publishing
Electronic Publishing
Electronic Libraries
Analytical Communication vs. Knowledge Communication
Analytical Communication vs. Knowledge Generation
Analytical Communication vs. Knowledge Management
Convergence of Learning and Knowledge Management, Communities and Knowledge Generation/Communications
Data Disseminations and Quality of Service, Knowedge Acquirement and Representation
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Digital Watermarking/Information Security
Engineering Education
Environmental Knowledge
Expertise Location; Expertise Capture
Faith and Knowledge: Relationships
How AI Techniques have been used in Knowledge Management
KGCM and Terminology of Studies/Management
Knowledge and the Societal System' s Memory
Knowledge Application and Knowledge Distribution
Knowledge Based Systems and their Applications
Knowledge Communication and Competitive Intelligence
Knowledge Communication and Learning from Primary School to University: Giving Students a Method they will be Able to Apply in Different Areas
Knowledge Discovery with Database Management Systems
Knowledge Generation: Experimental Settings vs. Formalized Mechanisms
Knowledge Modeling
Knowledge on Industrial Systems and Plant Engineering (Models and Drawings)
Knowledge Reception, Depreciation, Evaluation and Estimation
Knowledge Representation and Evolution
Knowledge Transfer
Knowledge Verification: Formalized Methods of Verification via Communication
Knowledge Visualization
Knowledge, non-Knowledge and the Future of the Society
Knowledge-Based Control
Methods of Analytical Communication
Methods of Knowledge Generation

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