International Conference on Internet Security and Computer Engineering ICISCE on December 20-21, 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on Internet Security and Computer Engineering (ICISCE) December 20, 2023 - Istanbul, Turkey
Ad hoc mobile networks Security
Addressing and location management
Blended Internet Security Methods
Boundary Issues of Internet Security
Broadband access technologies
Capacity planning
Cellular and broadband wireless nets
Congestion control
Content distribution
Cross layer design and optimization
Cyber-physical computing/networking
Data management for U-commerce
Defense Systems
Delay/Disruption tolerant networks
Enabling technologies for the Internet
Geographic information systems
Implementation and experimental testbeds
Internet Security
Middleware support for networking
Mobility models and systems
Multicast and anycast
Multimedia protocols and networking
Network and Protocol Architectures
Network applications and services
Network architectures Network control
Network management
Network simulation and emulation
Novel network architectures
Optical networks
Peer-to-peer communications
Performance evaluation
Power control and management
Pricing and billing
Privacy Protection and Forensic in Ubi-com
Protocols and Standards
Quality of Service Issues
Resource allocation and management
Routing protocols
Scheduling and buffer management
Secured Database Systems
Security and Access Control
Security in Data Mining
Security, trust and privacy
Self-organizing networks
Semantic Web and Ontology
Sensor nets and embedded systems
Service overlays
Software Architectures
Switches and switching
Topology characterization and inference
Traffic engineering and control
Traffic measurement and analysis
Trust and Data Security
Virtual and overlay networks
Virtual Reality
Web services and performance
Wireless mesh networks and protocols

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