International Conference on Internet Computing and Big Data ICICBD on June 09-10, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Internet Computing and Big Data (ICICBD) June 09, 2022 - Tokyo, Japan
Algorithms for enhancing data quality
Models and frameworks for Big Data
Graph algorithms and Big Data
Data and information fusion
Machine learning
Natural language processing
Multidimensional Big Data
Cloud based infrastructures (storage & computing resources)
Grid and stream computing for Big Data
HPC, including parallel & distributed processing
Programming models and environments to support Big Data
Big Data open platforms
Emerging architectural frameworks for Big Data
Data science
Web search and information mining
Cleaning Big Data (noise reduction), acquisition & integration
Visualization methods for search
Graph mining and other similar technologies
Big Data as a service
Big Data analytics in e-Government and society
Social networks
Next generation of internet + modeling and analysis
Traffic models and statistics
Electronic commerce and internet
Resource management and location
Design and analysis of internet protocols and engineering
Web based computing
Web mining
Network architectures and network computing
Network operating systems
Quality of service
Wide area consistency
Internet and emerging technologies
Internet security and trust
Internet law and compliance
Internet and scalability issues
Internet delivery and applications
Internet telephony
Internet based decision support systems
Internet and enterprise management
Internet applications and appliances
Internet banking systems
Internet and video technologies
Denial of service issues
Caching algorithms for the internet
Grid based computing and internet tools
Cooperative applications
Tele-medical and other applications
Mobile computing and the internet
Agents for internet computing

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