International Conference on Internet and Distributed Computing Systems ICIDCS on September 09-10, 2024 in Singapore, Singapore

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International Conference on Internet and Distributed Computing Systems (ICIDCS) September 09, 2024 - Singapore, Singapore
Distributed computing technologies
Middleware for Distributed systems, cloud, mobile edge, and IoT
Networked Sensing and Control
Domain-specific language
Theory and practice of Architectures
Big data
Mobile agents
IoT sensors
Environmental Sensing Applications

Internet and Web Technologies
Embedded Software for Sensor Networks
Body Sensor Networks
Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Internet and Protocols
Software-defined Networking
Modeling and Evaluation of Internet-based Systems
Internet Quality of Service
Real-time Multimedia Communication Systems
Web services
Image Processing
Social Networks

Network Operations and Management
Energy Efficiency in Large-scale Distributed Systems
Security of Network-based Systems
Network-based Applications (VoIP, Streaming)
Network Traffic Engineering
Tools and Techniques for Network Measurements
Management of Extreme-scale Systems
Transportation and Logistics

Information Infrastructure
Next Generation Content Delivery Network
Biological systems
Grid, Cloud, and P2P Computing
Distributed Computing Applications
Mechanical Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Autonomic Computing
Cognitive Networks
Computational Economy for Distributed Systems
Collaborative Technology and Applications

Resilience, Fault tolerance, and Availability
Fault Tolerant and Self-managing Distributed Systems
Dependability and Dependable Systems
Computing Models for Resilient Distributed Systems
Principles for Resilient Software Architecture
Availability Design

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Address: UAE

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