International Conference on Interdisciplinary Behavioral, Economic and Social Sciences ICIBESS on October 20-21, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Interdisciplinary Behavioral, Economic and Social Sciences (ICIBESS) October 20, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Social Sciences and Humanities

Literature and Linguistics
Law and Legal Studies

Marketing and Communications

Marketing Philosophy
The Role of Marketing in Strategic Planning
Relationship Marketing
Marketing in Small Medium Enterprise
Public Relations Strategies
Market and Industry Stakeholder Needs
International Strategies
The Development and Utilization of Marketing Plans
Marketing Effectiveness at the Operational and Strategic Levels
Brand management
Business Communications

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Businesses

Entrepreneurship Theory
Intrapreneurship and Corporate Innovation
Training and education for Entrepreneurship
Women and Entrepreneurship
The Entrepreneurial Personality
Entrepreneurship Growth and Performance
Small Businesses
Innovation Management
Competitiveness and Small Businesses

Human Resources Management

New Theoretical Perspectives on Human Resource Management
The Changing Role of Human Resource Management
Managing Organizational Performance
Recognition and Reward
Hiring and Firing

Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning

Business Information Systems
Business Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity for Small Business
e-Business and e-Government
Information and Strategy
Benefits from Information Systems
Knowledge Management
Globalization and Information Systems
Managing the Digital Divide
Information Systems and Security
Information, Corporate Responsibility and Ethical Issues
Small Medium Enterprise and Information Systems

Performance Management and Measurement

Multidisciplinary Perspectives of Performance Management
Measuring / Managing Performance in Partnerships
International Perspectives of Performance Management
Accountability Issues in the Management of Public Services

Public Sector Administration and Financial Management

Organizational Change
The New Roles and Functions of Government
Reinventing Government
Government Reforms
Open Public Management
e-Government and e-Democracy
Reinventing Service Delivery
Regional Government and Governance
Restructuring, Flexibility, Consumer Choice and Accountability
Alternative Service Delivery
Financial Management

Strategic Management and Business Policy

Thinking and Acting Strategically
Governance and Effective Leadership in Strategy
Strategies for Internationalization
Mergers and Acquisitions
Global Competition and Global Strategy The Supply Chain as a Network of Business Processes
Supply Chain Strategy
Change Management
Impact of Information and Communication Technologies
Supply Chain Performance Measurement Strategic Management in the Public Sector
The Evolution of Co-Operative Strategy
Strategic Alliances; Joint Ventures
New Perspectives on Strategy and Structure
Managing Intellectual Capital
Reflections on the Strategy Process
Enhancing Strategic Thinking
The Economics of Strategy
The Future of Strategic Management
Market Strategies

Tourism and Leisure

Tourism Policy
Tourism Development and Finance
Internal Tourism
Work and Leisure
Strategic Management in Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality Industries
Local Government and Tourism Development
Human Resource Management in Tourism Sector
Training in Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality Industries

Service Management and Marketing

Achieving and Measuring "Excellence" in Services
Service Failures and Recovery Strategies
Internationalization of Services
Managing People in Service Organizations
Service Leadership
Cultural Dimensions of Services
Encouraging Public Private Partnerships in the Service Sector
Organizational Form and Services Development
Managing Services Demand and Capacity
Improving Service Productivity and Quality
New Services Development
Ethical Issues in Services
Global Services Strategies
Services Management in Developing Countries
Development of Knowledge-Intensive Business Services
Technology and Quality Control in Service Delivery
Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Project and Operations Management

Organizational Culture and Leadership

Culture and Organizational Structure
Cultural Change
Organizational Justice
Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Global Economy and Globalization

World Trading System
WTO and Regional Trading Blocs
Transition Economies
Emerging Economies
Global Competitiveness
Global Corporate Governance
Natural Resources and Environmental Issues
Ethical Issues in Global Business

Law and Economics

Regulatory Economics
Regulation and Business Law
Public Choice
Constitutional Economics
Rules and Institutions
Institutional Economics
International Business Law

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Address: UAE

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