International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving and Computer Algebra Systems ICITPCAS on June 25-26, 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving and Computer Algebra Systems (ICITPCAS) June 25, 2020 - Istanbul, Turkey
Interactive theorem proving
Interactive theorem proving systems and technologies
Cloud-based interactive theorem proving systems
Formal aspects of hardware and software
Formalizations of mathematics
Improvements in theorem prover technology
User interfaces for interactive theorem prover
Formalizations of computational models
Verification of security algorithms
Use of theorem provers in education
Industrial applications of interactive theorem provers
Concise and elegant worked examples of formalizations
Automated theorem proving
First-order logic and automated theorem proving
Machine learning and automated theorem proving
Automated theorem proving in computer algebra systems.
Computer algebra in theorem proving systems
Case studies and applications that involve a mix of computation and reasoning.
Representation of mathematics in computer algebra systems
Adding computational capabilities to theorem proving systems.
Adding reasoning capabilities to computer algebra systems.
Combining methods of symbolic computation and formal deduction.
Theory, design and implementation of interdisciplinary systems for computer mathematics.
Theory exploration techniques.
Case studies in formalization of mathematical theories
Input languages, programming languages, types and constraint languages, and modeling languages for mechanized mathematics systems (PA, CAS, and ATP)
Infrastructure for mathematical services.
Natural deduction
Sequent calculus
Focused derivations
The inverse method
Labeled deduction

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