International Conference on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems ICIIS on November 04-05, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems (ICIIS) November 04, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Smart infrastructure systems
Principles of smart infrastructure
Application of smart infrastructure systems
Artificial intelligence technologies for smart infrastructure systems
Intelligent infrastructure systems
Intelligent infrastructure solutions
Environmental implications
Intelligent infrastructure networks
Intelligent infrastructure management
Urban infrastructure systems
Policy drivers of intelligent infrastructure
International and domestic trends
Infrastructure planning
Infrastructure management systems
Infrastructure financing
Co-operative governance and collaboration
Policy development
Setting norms and standards
Monitoring and regulation
Service delivery life cycle
Municipal infrastructure design standards
Infrastructure asset management
Municipal infrastructure asset management systems
Municipal infrastructure financing
Road reconstruction
Trenchless technology
Subsurface utility engineering
Transient analysis
Combined sewer overflow control
Water main and sewer construction
Water main and sewer rehabilitation
Environmental assessments
Hydraulic modeling
Street planning and design
Earthworks and site grading
Pavement design
Subsurface drainage
Bridges and related structures
Fences, guardrails and barriers
Off-street parking
Guide signs
Traffic control devices
Public lighting
Urban edges management zone

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