International Conference on Industrial Informatics, Automation and Robotics ICIIAR on July 26-27, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Industrial Informatics, Automation and Robotics (ICIIAR) July 26, 2023 - London, United Kingdom
Fundamental of industrial informatics and design
Introduction to industrial informatics
Role of industrial informatics
Automation of industry
Human, computer and machine interfaces
Emerging platform technologies in industrial informatics
Application of industrial informatics
Industrial information security, safety and trust

Computational intelligence in informatics algorithms
Intelligent activities in manufacturing
Intelligent agents
Intelligent technology applications in manufacturing
Knowledge acquisition and management
Intelligent methods of data fusion
Modern manufacturing
Machine learning techniques
Artificial intelligence, expert system
Neural network
Fuzzy logic and systems
Evolutionary computing
Adaptive learning

Tools and technologies in industry
Networks concept in industries
Mechatronics and robotics in informatics
Image processing in industries
Sensing and communication technologies
Service-oriented architectures
Supply chain management and logistics
Distributed real-time embedded systems in industries
Plug-and-play automated systems

Emerging trends in industrial informatics
Emerging paradigm in industry
Concept of virtual enterprise
Future models of manufacturing
Real-time track and trace
Operations visibility systems
Concept of RFID in industries
Ambient intelligent industrial information systems

Case studies in industrial informatics
Automobile system
Energy and power systems
Transport and logistics system
Aerospace system
Telecommunications system
Biomedical system

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Address: UAE

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