International Conference on Industrial Control Systems Security ICICSS on August 16-17, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Industrial Control Systems Security (ICICSS) August 16, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Advanced Control Algorithms and Applications
Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
Advanced Robotic Systems
Application of Security Content Application Protocol (SCAP) in Industrial Environments
High Assurance Security Controls
Baseline and High Assurance Security Controls for ICS and SCADA Security
Best Practices in Building and Securing Industrial Control Systems
Control Theory and Engineering
Control Theory
Control System Cybersecurity
Control Systems Security Assessments and Audits
Control Theory and Applications
Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity
Computational Intelligence and Applications
Communications and Network Protocol Security in Control Systems
Custom tools, Commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) and Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) Solutions for Automation of ICS Security Management
Defensive Architectures for Cybersecurity of Safety Systems
Cyber Security Defense Techniques
Cyber Security in Oil and Gas Industry
Cyber Security Risks to SCADA and ICS Systems
Cyber Attacks on Industrial Controls Systems
Cyber Physical Systems and Sensor Networks
Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies for ICS and SCADA Systems
Energy Grid Control System Cybersecurity
Lessons Learned in ICS and SCADA Cybersecurity
Legal, Regulatory and Contractual requirements on ICS and SCADA Security
Lifecycle Approaches to ICS and SCADA Cybersecurity
Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization
Engineering Optimization
Optimization for Industrial Automation Systems
Optimization for Decision Making Systems
Intelligent Optimization and Applications
Intelligent Control Theory and Applications
ICS Cybersecurity Education and Research
ICS, PLC, and SCADA Exploit Analysis
ICS and SCADA Fuzzing
ICS and SCADA Security Modelling
ICS and SCADA Security Metrics
ICS Security Standardization and Best Practices
ICS Software Security Assurance
ICS System Vulnerabilities, Attacks Surface, and Attack Vectors
ICS Security-By-Design
Image Processing
IT Risk Assessment
Risk Management in Industrial Environments
Intelligent Automation Systems for Manufacturing
Integrated Automation Systems
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Machine Learning
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Robotics and Biomimetics
Pattern Recognition
Networked Control Systems
Nonlinear Systems and Control
NANO, MEMS and Mechatronics Systems
Sensor Networks
Network Segmentation and Reliability
Architecture Design
Securing Remote Access
Security Convergence
ICS Risk Management
Robust Adaptive Control and SCADA
Social Robotics
Safety and Cybersecurity in Nuclear Power Plant Environments
Security Control overlays for ICS and SCADA Systems
Smart Grid Cybersecurity
Social Engineering and Insider Threat in Critical Infrastructures
Secure ICS and SCADA Architectures and Protocols
Security patch Management in ICS and SCADA Systems
Security of Sensor and Telemetry devices in Control Environments
Security Analysis and Scoring Systems
Security Event Management
System Modelling and Parameter Estimation
System Sensing, Modelling and Analysis
System Simulation
Need to protect Industrial Control Systems from Cyber-Attacks
Real World SCADA Security Incidents and Disasters
SCADA Security – Current Trends
Understanding Common Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems
Analyzing Threats to SCADA Systems
Assessing and managing SCADA Risks
Designing Comprehensive SCADA Security Program
SCADA Security Standards
Essential SCADA Cybersecurity Controls and Countermeasures
SCADA Security Controls – Best Practices
Fault Diagnosis and Safe Operation
Measurement Methods and Intelligent Instrumentation
Online Monitoring for Systems
Tools for Security Assessments of Control Systems
Technologies for Aggregation and Analysis of Security Events
Technologies for enabling ICS
Cybersecurity Continuous Monitoring Program
Sensors, Sensing and Signal Processing
Vulnerability Management in Controls Systems
PLC and RTU Security and Vulnerability Assessments
Protection of Critical Infrastructure against Persistent Threats and Sophisticated Targeted Attacks
Governance and Management aspects of ICS and SCADA Security
Data Automation
Big Data Analysis and Visualization
Data-Driven Control
Data-Driven Diagnosis
Data-Driven Optimization, Scheduling, and Decision Making
Data-Driven Operations and Quality Control
Data-Based System Performance Analysis
ACTA Automatica Sinica
Network and Perimeter Security
Systems and Server Security
Malware Protection
Authentication and Access Control
Data and Communications Security
Vulnerability Assessment
Security Incident Management
Security Configuration and Patch Management
Personnel Security
Security Assessment and Audits

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