International Conference on Immunology ICI on June 05-06, 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria

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International Conference on Immunology (ICI) June 05, 2023 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Immunology Regulatory Networks
Understanding Host-Pathogen Interaction
Regulatory T cells, Cytokines and Inflammation
Tumor and Transplant Immunology
Adjuvants and Vaccines
Autoimmunity: Emerging Concepts
Cell therapy:DCS, Stem Cells and NKT
Immune Mechanisms underlying infectious diseases
Immunodeficiencies and HIV
Stem cells and Regenerative Medicines
Tolerance, Transplantation and Histocompatibility
Tumor Immunology: New Insights and Emerging Therapeutics
Cross talk between innate and adaptive immunity
Immunodiagnostics and therapy including nanotechnology
Complement system in health and disease
T and B cell memory
Microbicides and Mucosal Immune system

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