International Conference on Imaging and Signal Processing ICISP on February 15-16, 2024 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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International Conference on Imaging and Signal Processing (ICISP) February 15, 2024 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Image processing
Image/Video Coding and Transmission
Image/Video Processing and Analysis
Image Formation
Image Scanning, Printing, Display and Color
Image/Video Storage, Retrieval, and Authentication

Image and video processing
Image Filtering
Restoration and Enhancement
Image Segmentation
Video Segmentation and Tracking
Morphological Processing
Feature Extraction and Analysis
Interpolation and Super-resolution
Motion Detection and Estimation
Computer Vision
Pattern Recognition
Content-based Image Retrieval

Signal Processing
Spectral Analysis
Time-frequency and Time-scale Representation
Detection and Estimation
Radar, Antennas and Telecommunications Systems
Digital Signal Processing
Statistical Signal Processing
Sensor Array and Multichannel Processing
Signal Processing for Communications
Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing
Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing
Multimedia Signal Processing
Nonlinear Signal Processing
Audio and Electroacoustics
DSP Implementations and Embedded Systems
Rapid Prototyping and Tools for DSP Design

Computer graphics
Virtual reality

Bioinformatics and Biomedical Sciences
Computational and Engineering Sciences
Biometrics and Image Analysis
Document Image Processing
Authentication, other Applications

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