International Conference on Hydrogen and Energy Production from Renewable Energy Sources ICHEPRES on December 13-14, 2022 in Rome, Italy

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International Conference on Hydrogen and Energy Production from Renewable Energy Sources (ICHEPRES) December 13, 2022 - Rome, Italy
Hydrogen energy
Environmental impact of hydrogen and fuel cells
Hydrogen energy and renewable energies
Hydrogen systems assessment
Managing the transition toward a hydrogen-oriented society
Fuel cells
Advanced electrolytes
Alkaline fuel cells
Direct fuel cells
Fuel cell components
Fuel cell modelling
Fuel cell stacks
Fuel cell system modelling
Fuel cell systems and balance of plants
Materials for fuel cells
Microbial fuel cells
Molten carbonates fuel cells
Reversible fuel cells
Phosphoric acid fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Solid oxide fuel cells
Fuel cell operation
Fuel cell reliability and durability
Fuel cell reduced cost
Science and technologies of hydrogen and hydrogen-rich fuels production from biomass
Biological processes
Biomass to hydrogen
Fermentative hydrogen production
Hydrogen production: catalysis
Hydrogen purification technologies
Hydrogen separation membranes
Photo-biological hydrogen production
Photo-electrochemical processes
Power to hydrogen
Reforming and gasification
Renewable primary energy potential for hydrogen
Thermochemical cycles
Energy storage using hydrogen produced from excess renewable electricity: Power to hydrogen
Chemical adsorption technologies
Chemical storage
Compressed hydrogen
Geological storage
Liquid hydrogen
Physical adsorption technologies
Renewable energy and hydrogen production
Hydrogen energy engineering application and products
Electrification in transportation systems
Fuel cell APUs
Fuel cell portable systems
Fuel cell powertrains
Fuel cell vehicles
Fuel cell buses
Heavy-duty vehicles applications
Hydrogen distribution technologies
Hydrogen internal combustion engines
Hydrogen systems modelling
Marine applications
Rail applications
Refueling stations
Space and aeronautics applications
Stationary systems applications
Transport systems analysis and „Well-to-Wheel“ studies
Hydrogen turbines
Infrastructure system modelling
Market, commercialization and deployment of hydrogen energy technologies
Life cycle assessment and economic impact
Demonstration projects, cost and market introduction
Hydrogen deployment and cost
Hydrogen research funding
Market trends
Off-grid power supply and premium power generation
Regulatory framework, safety aspects, public policies and social acceptance of hydrogen energy technologies
Codes and standards of hydrogen usage
Education and training on hydrogen handling
Education and public awareness
Energy policy and potentials of renewable energies
Hydrogen and fuel cell codes and standards
Hydrogen associated risk management
Hydrogen economy commercialization
Hydrogen effects on materials structure
Hydrogen sensors
Hydrogen storage regulations and handling
Indoor/outdoor hydrogen refueling
National strategies and programs
Research and development targets and priorities
Socio-economic studies and concerns
Test methods for hydrogen and fuel cells
Vision, goals and priorities

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