International Conference on Human Friendly Mechatronics and Biorobotics ICHFMB on October 21-22, 2021 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Human Friendly Mechatronics and Biorobotics (ICHFMB) October 21, 2021 - London, United Kingdom
Human friendly mechatronics
Human adaptive mechatronics
Human interface and communication
Human machine interface design
Human system modelling
Human support technology
Human-friendly robots
Actuator and control
Vision and sensing
Robotics and design
Human safety mechanisms of human-friendly robots

Mobility, wearability, and virtual reality
Micromechatronics for wearable information systems
Man-machine interface
Human support technology
Development and motion control of a wearable human assisting robots
Power-assisted walking support devices
Driving-support systems
Stance and posture control systems
Integration of micro-mechatronics in automotive applications
Robust estimation of position and orientation of machine vision
Camera calibration in machine automation
Real time machine vision system in micromanipulator control
Object tracking by fusing distance and image information
Face detection and face direction estimation using color and shape features
Anthropomorphic robotic hand systems
Humanoid hand for human friendly robotics applications
Design and manufacturing system
User oriented definition of product requirements within mechatronic engineering
Strategic management of adaptive, distributed, development of a mechatronic product

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